Gustav Holst, by Kenric Taylor: A Biography, by Ian Lace

8. Credits

All Text by Ian Lace © 1995.

Ian Lace is a freelance music reviewer and lecturer in England. He regularly writes for the BBC Music Magazine, Classic CD, Fanfare, and the British Music Society News (in addition to various British music related websites). He has also written biographical notes on other major British composers such as Edward Elgar and Arnold Bax. The text was edited by Kenric Taylor with assistance from others.

Bibliography for Text and Images:

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A Key to the Images:

  1. Clara von Holst, Gustav's mother
  2. Gustav at 11 years, playing the violin
  3. Holst as a student at RCM
  4. Holst around 1900
  5. Isobel and Gustav in Berlin, c. 1903
  6. Nora Day and Vally Lasker
  7. The Holst Room at St. Pauls Girl's School
  8. Manuscript of The Hymn of Jesus
  9. Holst in England, early 1920s
  10. Ralph and Adeline Vaughan Williams, Gustav, Nora Day, and others
  11. Holst in 1931
  12. Holst and Elgar in the 1930s
  13. Holst at University of Michigan, c. 1924
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