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Below is a list of wonderful resources on Holst and classical music in general. If you know of a link to a great website, please email me and let me know about it. Links will open in a new window.

Other Websites about Gustav Holst

Holst Birthplace Museum
The Holst Birthplace Museum is a small, independent charitable trust that celebrates the life of composer Gustav Holst (1874-1934). Founded in 1974 by Holst's daughter Imogen and saved from closure by the people of Cheltenham in 1999, the museum provides visitors of all ages unique access to the story of Holst's life and work as well as insight into Victorian social history. (

BBC - Music / Profiles - Gustav Holst
This website includes a short biography, a few soundclips and links to purchasing music and books on Holst. (

Classical Composers Biographies : Gustav Holst
This website offers a concise biography on Holst. It also offers small biographies on other major composers.This website is run by Michael Norrish (

Gustav Holst
A brief biography and recommended recordings list by Naxos Records. Naxos has released very decent recordings of music by Holst at a lower cost than some other labels.This website is run by Naxos Records (

Gustav Holst: A Len Mullenger commission
This excellent biography was a commissioned piece for Len Mullenger's web portal on classical music. The biography is in multi-parts and is a great survey into the life of Gustav Holst. Len's website is a wonderful internet resource for all web surfers looking to discover great music.This website is run by David Trippett ( : Gustav Holst
A concise biography on Holst and links to websites about some of his contemporaries.This website is run by Paul Musser (

Mystical Gustav Holst, The
This website offers a brief biography, chronology of Holst's life and a recommend listening guide.This website is run by Humanities Web (

Where to Buy
Most people who shop online are familiar with the most successful e-store there is. They've got a great catalog of hard-to-find Holst recordings. As well, their Z-Shops often house rare used books on Holst. (

Chandos Records
Chandos is the world's largest independent record company. They have a wonderful selection of music by Holst available, as well as other British and contemporary composers. A good number of the Holst recordings are conducted by Richard Hickox, who is a first rate musician. (

Hyperion Records
Founded in 1980, Hyperion is an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twentieth. Hyperion offers a wonderful catalog of music by Holst as well as other British composers. (

Other Composers of Interest

Edward Elgar Society
The official website of the Elgar Society. This website contains a biography, a catalog of Elgar's compositions as well as a recommend listening list of recordings. (

Frank Bridge (1879-1941)
Frank Bridge was a contemporary of Holst and is perhaps better known as Benjamin Britten's composition teacher.This website is run by D Ruiz (

George Butterworth, His Life and Music
George Butterworth was a composer who was a friend of Holst's who died in World War I. This website has a brief biography on Butterworth and information about some of his music.This website is run by Robin Hillyard (

Gerald Finzi Society
Gerald Finzi was a latter contemporary of Holst. He is perhaps most well known for his Clarinet Concerto. I find his song cycle Earth and Air and Rain (words by Thomas Hardy) to be very lovely. (

Ralph Vaughan Williams
Ralph Vaughan Williams was Holst's lifelong friend. This website by Jaron Collis gives a great overview of RVW's life and music. Jaron's website on Vaughan Williams was what inspired me to create this website on Holst back in 1996.This website is run by Jaron Collis (

Other Websites of Interest

Holst Singers Online
This is the official website of the Holst Singers. They were founded in the 1970s in the Holst room at St Pauls Girls School. They've recorded volumes of music by Holst and other composers of the 20th and 21st century. The Holst Singers are directed by Stephen Layton. (

Tempo Magazine
Tempo is an English-language journal devoted to 20th-century and contemporary concert music. They have published many essays on Gustav Holst and his music. (

Classical Composers Database
On the internet since 1995, the Classical Composers database contains information for over 2000 composers. It's run by Jos Smeets. (

English Music Festival
The aim of the English Music Festival is to promote the unjustly neglected music of both well-known and lesser-known British composers. The Festival brings pieces to the public that deserve to be in the repertoire but that are never, or rarely, played or recorded. (

MusicWeb offers a huge wealth of information on all types of music, Classical, Jazz and Popular. Len Mullenger founded the site in 1995. (