Gustav Holst | Recordings of Holst's Music

The English Song Series, Volume 7: Gustav Holst

Performers include:
Susan Gritton, soprano
Philip Langridge, tenor
Christopher Maltman, baritone
Louisa Fuller, violin
Steuart Bedform, piano

Notes: Recording Producer: John H. West. Recording Engineer: Mike Hatch (Floating Earth). Recorded at St Silas Church, St Silas Place, Chalk Farm, London, 5th-7th May 1998. © 1998 Pinnacle Entertainment. This CD has been re-released under Naxos.

Label and Sku: Collins 15322

Track Listing

  1. Four Songs for Voice and Violin: Jesu Sweet
  2. My Soul has nought but fire and ice
  3. I sing of a maiden
  4. My Leman is so true
  5. Six Songs: Calm is the morn
  6. My true love hath my heart
  7. Weep you no more
  8. Lovely kind and kindly loving
  9. Cradle song
  10. Peace
  11. Vedic Hymns: Ushas [Dawn]
  12. Varuna [Sky]
  13. Maruts [Stormclouds]
  14. Indra [God of Storm and Battle]
  15. Varuna II [The Waters]
  16. Song of the Frogs
  17. Vac [Speech]
  18. Creation
  19. Faith
  20. Twelve Songs: Persephone
  21. Things lovelier
  22. Now in these fairylands
  23. A little music
  24. The thought
  25. The floral bandit
  26. Envoi
  27. The dream city
  28. Journey's End
  29. In the street of lost time
  30. Rhyme
  31. Betelguese
  32. Margrete's cradle song
  33. The heart worships