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Holst: At the Boar's Head, The Wandering Scholar

Performers include:
Michael Rippon, baritone
Norma Burrowes, soprano
Michael Langdon, bass
Robert Tear, tenor
English Opera Group
English Chamber Orchestra
Steuart Bedford, conductor
Philip Langridge, tenor
John Tomlinson, bass
Elise Ross, soprano
Felicity Palmer, mezzo-soprano
David Wilson-Johnson, baritone
Peter Hall, tenor
Richard Suart, baritone
Michael George, bass
Men's Voices of the Liverpool Philharmonic Choir
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
David Atherton

Label and Sku: EMI 7243 5 65127 2 6

Track Listing

  1. The Wandering Scholar: "When boughs are green in April"
  2. "Ho there, old dog"
  3. "The most beautiful piece"
  4. "The time, then, was well chosen"
  5. "Someone is coming!"
  6. "Before that I was twenty"
  7. "So learned a clerk"
  8. "Heigho, a pretty knave!"
  9. "He'll lie all day in the sun"
  10. "As I was walking"
  11. "Monster! Villian!"
  12. At the Boar's Head: "Of all the birds"
  13. "Are not you a coward?"
  14. "I am a rogue"
  15. "We two saw you four"
  16. "I know you all'
  17. "Do thou stand"
  18. "I' faith, sweetheart"
  19. "Devouring Time"
  20. "How now! What news?"
  21. "Harry is valiant"
  22. "For God's sake"
  23. "Now comes in the sweetest morsel"