Gustav Holst | Recordings of Holst's Music

Holst: A Choral Fantasia / First Choral Symphony

Performers include:
Lynne Dawson, soprano
John Birch, organ
Guildford Choral Society
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Hilary Davan Wetton, conductor

Label and Sku: Hyperion CDA66660

Track Listing

  1. A Choral Fantasia: "Man born of desire"
  2. Organ Solo
  3. "Rejoice, ye dead"
  4. "Man born of desire"
  5. "Rejoice, ye dead"
  6. Choral Symphony: Prelude: Invocation to Pan
  7. Song and Bacchanal
  8. Chorus: "Whence came ye, merry Damsels"
  9. Solo: "Within his car"
  10. Chorus: "Whence came ye, jolly Satyrs"
  11. Solo: "Onward the tiger"
  12. Chorus: "Bacchus, young Bacchus!"
  13. Ode on a Grecian Urn
  14. Scherzo
  15. Folly's Song
  16. Solo: "Spirit here that reignest"
  17. Chorus: "God of the golden bow"
  18. Solo: "Then, though they Temple wide"
  19. Chorus: "Tis awful silence then again"
  20. Solo: "Next thy Tasso's ardent numbers"
  21. Chorus: "But when Thou joinest with the Nine"
  22. Solo: "Spirit here that reignest"