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Holst: This have I done for my true love

Performers include:
David Theodore, oboe
Robert Truman, cello
Sioned Williams, harp
The Holst Singers
Stephen Layton, conductor

Label and Sku: Hyperion CDA66705

Track Listing

  1. Ave Maria
  2. Of one that is so fair and bright
  3. A Welcome Song
  4. Jesu, Thou the Virgin-born
  5. Terly Terlow
  6. Lullay, my liking
  7. Bring us in good ale
  8. Diverus and Lazarus
  9. This have I done for my true love
  10. Songs from 'The Princess': Sweet and low
  11. The splendour falls
  12. Tears, idle tears
  13. O Swallow, Swallow
  14. Home they brought her warrior dead
  15. Now sleeps the crimson petal
  16. O Spiritual Pilgrim
  17. Mae 'nghariad i'n Fenws (My sweetheart's like Venus)
  18. Two Eastern Pictures: Spring
  19. Summer
  20. Light Leaves Whisper
  21. In Youth is Pleasure
  22. Six Choral Folk Songs: The Song of the Blacksmith
  23. I sowed the seeds of love
  24. I love my love
  25. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  26. There was a tree
  27. Swansea Town