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Holst: Savitri and The Dream-City

Performers include:
Felicity Palmer, mezzo-soprano
Philip Langridge, tenor
Stephen Varcoe, bass
The Richard Hickox Singers
Patrizia Kwella, soprano
City of London Sinfonia
Richard Hickox, conductor

Label and Sku: Hyperion CDA66099

Track Listing

  1. Savitri: "Savitri! Savitri! I am Death."
  2. "Greeting to thee, my loving Savitri"
  3. "The forest is to me a mirror"
  4. "Love to the lover"
  5. "Once I knew Maya"
  6. "Savitri! Savitri!"
  7. "I am with thee"
  8. "Savitri! I am Death"
  9. "Welcome, Lord!"
  10. "Thine is the holiness"
  11. "Then enter, Lord"
  12. "Stay!"
  13. "Ah! Death, the Just One"
  14. "Loneliness and pain are ended"
  15. "Savitri! Is it thou?"
  16. "Unto his kingdom"
  17. "I am with thee"
  18. The Dream-City: Persephone (arranged from Twelve Songs)
  19. Things lovelier
  20. Now in these fairylands
  21. A little music
  22. The Floral Bandit
  23. The Dream-City
  24. Envoi
  25. Rhyme
  26. Journey's End
  27. Betelguese