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Holst: The Golden Goose - King Estmere

Performers include:
Guildford Choral Society
The Philharmonia Orchestra
Hilary Davan Wetton, conductor

Label and Sku: Hyperion CDA66784

Track Listing

  1. The Golden Goose: Prelude
  2. "Sound drum and trumpet play"
  3. "A mummer's play"
  4. The Mummer's Play
  5. "Vainly awaiting"
  6. The Human Organ
  7. Execution
  8. Sleep
  9. Dance of the Three Girls
  10. The Goose Dance
  11. "Love, sweet love"
  12. "Sound drum and trumpet play"
  13. The Morning of the Year: Introduction
  14. The Voice of Nature
  15. Dance of the Headman and Hobby Horse
  16. "The voices call"
  17. Dance of the Youths
  18. Dance of the Maidens
  19. The Mating Dance
  20. "Spring is here to set you free"
  21. "O Dance of Love"
  22. Dance of the Youngest Couple
  23. "You have shown my mystery"
  24. King Estmere: "Harken to me gentlemen"
  25. "Reade me, reade me dear brother"
  26. "Now Christ thee save"
  27. "Down then came that maiden fair"
  28. "Then bespake her father dear"
  29. "They had not ridden scarce a mile"
  30. "She sent one after King Estmere"
  31. "My mother was a western woman"
  32. "Then King Estmere he took his harp"
  33. "O lady, this is thy own true love"
  34. "Or forced them all to flee"