Gustav Holst | Recordings of Holst's Music

Holst/Vaughan Williams: Choral Music

Performers include:
The Finzi Singers
Paul Spicer, conductor

Label and Sku: Chandos CHAN 9425

Track Listing

  1. Five English Folksongs: The Dark-eyed Sailor (by Vaughan Williams)
  2. The Springtime of the Year
  3. Just as the Tide was Flowing
  4. The Lover's Ghost
  5. Wassail Song
  6. Ave Maria
  7. Valiant for Truth (by Vaughan Williams)
  8. O vos omnes (by Vaughan Williams)
  9. The Evening Watch
  10. O Taste and See (by Vaughan Williams)
  11. The Souls of the Righteous (by Vaughan Williams)
  12. This have I done for my true love
  13. Nunc dimittis
  14. Sing me the men
  15. Three Shakespeare Songs: Full Fathom Five (by Vaughan Williams)
  16. The Cloud-capp'd Towers
  17. Over Hill, over Dale
  18. Four Part-Songs: O lady, leave that silken thread
  19. Soft and gently
  20. The autumn is old
  21. Winter and the birds
  22. The Turtle Dove (by Vaughan Williams)